Brick Attack Game with SFML 2.0 (Simple SFML 2.0 Framework v1.0)

Hi everyone and first of all, thank you for reading my posts. In this article I will present to you my little game , I will not post here all the code because it is a lot , but a download button will be present at the bottom of this page .

I want to start by saying that this is not just a simple game where a lot of code is dropped , this game has a simple structure, with this you can make your one games very easy and fast. This structure is very simple to understand and you can easily implement your basic 2D Games . In the future I will come with an “advancedgame framework that I hope you will like, so stay tuned to see my next posts 🙂

For this article I made a video with my game , if you want you can take a look below :

Brick Attack Game (SFML 2.0 ) from Horia Condrea on Vimeo.

Now let’s take a look at this diagram, that shows the code divided into classes and namespaces: Framework Diagram

As you can see I don’t have so many classes , and I think is not so hard to understand if you have some basic programing knowledge. I want to say again that this is just a proof of concept. This post is not meant to show you how you can make a game in SFML , but how a basic framework should work.

In the weeks to come I will post a new framework that I started to implement. With a much more stable and powerful structure. Till then I hope this article will help you guys, to understand how a very basic game framework works .

To be honest, I don’t even wanted to put this code online because still needs some changes in order to be fully operational,  but I don’t know… maybe it will help somebody on his\\her project . If you have any but any kind of questions regarding this post I will answer them as quickly as I can .

Thank you!!

PS : If you don’t know how to integrate SFML into your project you can go to :
PS2 : If you download the package you will see an include file #include “vld.h” this is Visual Leak Detector , you can delete it if you don’t have this installed.

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