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My own set of guidelines

I start seeing a lot of code lately, and I was in the position that I had to judge it. This experience triggered me in writing this article because it seems that not so many people are applying a set of rules when coding. This set of

C++ linear interpolation

An example of linear interpolation in C++. Returns the interpolated values for the XX grid(std::vector), using as reference the X (std::vector<double, argument variable>) – x axis and Y (std::vector<double, argument variable) – y axis. How to test it: The result: 10 ; 20 ; 30 ; 40

Quick Tip:Use a matrix to multiply an object in AS 3.0

This is a method frequently used among flash developers, when they want to multiply an object. Is not hard to understand I’m sure that this will be a piece of cake for you guys. First, create a new class in your project and name it Object, this

Quick Tip: How to read an array in C

Because this is something that you should really know. And because I did not tell you this in my previous tutorials, I made this quick tip to show you how to read an array in C.
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