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Getting started with SFML 2.0 and C++

Hi guys , in this article my purpose is to show you what you can do with a library like SFML , of course out there are a lot of other libraries. But I chose to make this article about SFML ( Simple and Fast Multimedia Library

Getting started with C++ (Basic Tutorial)

If you want to learn C++, I truly recommend for you , to read these articles first: Getting started with C [1] Getting started with C [2] Getting started with C [3] Getting started with C [4] After you will read this you’ll know the basic things

Getting started with C [4]

Now that you know how C language works,I will show you how to create a function, I will tell you how to work with functions, and why are functions so important in any programming language. I will start with a very simple example, I will gather two

Let’s make some exercises in C

In this article we will make some exercises, to see how C works. I hope this article will help you understand better how a program should look.Let’s get to work! 1. Prime Numbers This program gives us all prime numbers down to a number that we choose.
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