Brick Attack Game with SFML 2.0 (Simple SFML 2.0 Framework v1.0)

Brick Attack Game with SFML 2.0 (Simple SFML 2.0 Framework v1.0)

Hi everyone and first of all, thank you for reading my posts. In this article I will present to you my little game , I will not post here all the code because it is a lot , but a download button will be present at the bottom of this page .

I want to start by saying that this is not just a simple game where a lot of code is dropped , this game has a simple structure, with this you can make your one games very easy and fast. This structure is very simple to understand and you can easily implement your basic 2D Games . In the future I will come with an “advancedgame framework that I hope you will like, so stay tuned to see my next posts 🙂

For this article I made a video with my game , if you want you can take a look below :

Brick Attack Game (SFML 2.0 ) from Horia Condrea on Vimeo.

Now let’s take a look at this diagram, that shows the code divided into classes and namespaces: Framework Diagram

As you can see I don’t have so many classes , and I think is not so hard to understand if you have some basic programing knowledge. I want to say again that this is just a proof of concept. This post is not meant to show you how you can make a game in SFML , but how a basic framework should work.

In the weeks to come I will post a new framework that I started to implement. With a much more stable and powerful structure. Till then I hope this article will help you guys, to understand how a very basic game framework works .

To be honest, I don’t even wanted to put this code online because still needs some changes in order to be fully operational,  but I don’t know… maybe it will help somebody on his\\her project . If you have any but any kind of questions regarding this post I will answer them as quickly as I can .

Thank you!!

PS : If you don’t know how to integrate SFML into your project you can go to :
PS2 : If you download the package you will see an include file #include “vld.h” this is Visual Leak Detector , you can delete it if you don’t have this installed.

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Author: Horațiu Condrea

My name is Horațiu Condrea, and I work as a Software Developer Manager at Siemens PLM Software. I hope that my experiments will prove to be useful for many of you guys/girls out there. Don’t forget to leave a comment whenever you run over a bug or something that is not working as it should be. For any kind of information contact me.

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